Serving Atlantic County

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Atlantic City Appliances of Pleasantville, NJ provides you with the most reliable and affordable heating and cooling appliances available. Energy-efficient heaters and air conditioners save you lots of money and are within most people's budgets.

  • Heaters and furnaces

  • Portable air conditioners

  • Heater and air conditioner combo units

  • Central air conditioning

Don't live in discomfort for a moment longer. When you depend on Atlantic City Appliances, you'll get the best deals, guaranteed.

  • Humidifiers

  • Hot water heaters

  • Air purifiers

Call us today and get FREE installation for your air conditioner or heater. You'll get cost-efficient and energy-efficient heating and cooling together in one from us.

Schedule your FREE old appliance removal today.


Save on Utility Bills with Our High-End Products

Proven energy-efficient heating

Quality humidifiers and more

FREE installation available on all air conditioners and heaters


Easily Keep Your Home at a Perfect Room Temperature Throughout Every Season